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  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    What Is Autism :-

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Is An Umbrella Term Used To Cover A Range Of
    Difficulties In Three Main Areas Of Development.

    > Communication Skills.
    > Social Interaction.
    > Imagination & Flexible Thinking Skills.It IsA Developmental Disorder Which Means Impairment That Affects An Individual During Childhood. Hence The Symptoms Are Usually Evident By The Age Of Three.


    How early should we start Intervention ?

    To put it simply , intervention should start as early as possible .When parents begins to notice their child is not developing as expected & they voice these concerns, a common response is “They’ll grow out of it, just wait” . Unfortunately , the longer you wait the more difficulty you &your child may have . if you are concerned about your child’s development , whether its their communication , social skills or behaviours, then you should begin seeking information & assistance as soon as you can .
    The earlier a problem is identified , the earlier intervention can begin, & the more likely your is to learn the skills they need to communicate , engage in social interaction & manage their behavior . If you’re still waiting for an official diagnosis , you shuoldn’t be waiting to start intervention. If you think there is something that needs to be addressed , get the information , services & training you need to address it .

    Why start intervention so early ?

    Research shows that children who receive intensive early intervention services are more likely to have improved long – term outcomes . These services can maximize their learning potential by addressing communication , play , problem behaviors & overall skill development from a very early age . We know , through intensive brain research , that neutral plastic (the brain ability to learn new skill) decrease with age . When children are very young their neutral plasticity is high , but as they get older it decreases . When this plasticity decrease , it becomes more difficult to learn new skills.

    This is not to say that individuals with autism are not able to learn skills if intervention is not started by certain age . Their brains, just like everyone else, are capable of learning & using new skills & information at any time . Behaviorally speaking , however , as we all age & grow the skills we have learned which are effective &efficient will be more difficult to change due to a longer history of reinforcement . So the earlier we intervene to address an individual’s difficulties with communication , social interactions &problem behaviors the more likely we are to elicit quick & positive change.