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  • Ability Enhancement Multimedia Program (AEMP)

    After extensive research and rich experience, AEMP has been developed by a team of expert psychologists, special Educators and parents. AEMP is first of its kind educational program in the world for differently able. Since 2010, AEMP is successfully associated with more than 70 special schools in India and touched the life of more than 3000 Differently abled.
    Suites of AEMP:

    Learning based AEMP: Duration 18 Months
    Project based AEMP: Duration 24 Months

    Com DEALL- The program

    The communication DEALL program grew out of concern for the increasing number of children identified with Autism Spectrum Disorders and the lack of adequate intervention programs for them in India. Intensive early intervention is documented to provide the best long term results for children with ASD even leading to successful mainstreaming for a number of them. The communication DEALL program is a response to the near total lack of such facilities in India.

    The communication DEALL Program was started by Dr. Pratibha Karanth in 2000 and was inaugurated on the Nov 2000.