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  • Creative Minds, Lucknow based registered centre,
    Which was founded in 2012 by Dr. Priyanka Singh. It is multispecialty speech therapy and hearing centre with experienced specialist and professionals. Creative minds clinic is aimed for social emotional and psychological needs of children, adolescent, parents and families.

    This multispecialty centre provides overall treatment and care of the patient which is taken by psychiatrist, speech therapists, occupational therapists and special educators. The experts at creative minds handle such cases through specialized clinical services like Psychometric/ Diagnosis/ Academic Assessments, psychotherapy, child guidance and counselling, Psychiatric treatment.

    We find that the demand for mental health intervention is increased but remain unacknowledged. Many of the children don’t receive the proper treatment as their parents do not find the proper place for their treatment. Dr. Priyanka took an initiative and started creative minds (child mental health clinic) in Lucknow with specialized study and with proper research and training in this field. Being first of its kind, this mental health centre provides treatment for such children.

    This is 1st exclusive centre in Utter Parents which is deeply inclined with Autism, ADHD, learning disorder in children. Creative Minds centre’s approach is to view mental health needs through positive eyes and our mission is to provide services that are positive, preventive and promotive, in a way that is accessible and affordable.

    Creative Mind An Ultimate Care Unit For Autism

    (Affiliated Unit Of Com-DEALL!, Bangalore) Communication Deall Is A Self Financed Program Managed By Multiple Disciplinary Team Of Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist & Educators. Children Are Assessed For Language, Communication, Motor, Cognitive Social & Emotional Development, As Well As Behaviourial Issue & Receive Intervention In All TheseAreas.


    Com DEALL intervention program targets the sensory perceptual, motor and communication issues in ASD. Communication DEALL program is currently based on a structured framework of our understanding of ASD. The theoretical underpinnings of the communication DEALL program is that it is caused by a biological, specifically neurological disorders and motor executive difficulties.
    The communication, social and cognitive deficits, in children with ASD are seen as consequence of the sensory perceptual and motor difficulties rather than as core symptoms. In the turn the behaviour problems exhibited by the children are seen as their reactions arising out of these difficulties rather than being an indispensable part of the disorder. Intervention addressed to ameliorate the more basic sensory motor and communication difficulties are seen to address and reduce the many behavioural issues.

    Creative Genius

    Our school works on inclusive education. “If a child can’t in the way we teach…. We must teach in a way the child can learn.” “No two individuals are alike” so true but mostly forgotten. As educators we could often tend to fit the child in the curriculum suit the child need. We will make child centred.

    Creative Genius is a first inclusive school of Lucknow.
    Following principles will followed by the Creative Genius Pre-school.

    • We will follow holistic development program.
    • If a child can’t learn in a way we must teach in a way the child learns.
    • No two individuals are alike so true but mostly forgotten. We will tend to fit the child in the curriculum rather then the making the curriculum suit the child need. We will make child centred classroom rather than curriculum centred.
    • We will try to make that environment where child develop self-confidence, independence and concentration through activities.
    • The inclusive curriculum includes strong parental environment



    Children who develop in a typical manner become more sensitive by learning side by side with special need children.
    They understand how words can hurt, they practice patience, and they learn empathy.
    Kids in inclusive school learn that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. They learn to appreciate these differences and how to collaborates in order to accomplish something.